Interview - LED Lighting Industry - Huzhou Jiwei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Interview of 
Huzhou Jiwei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
In Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, 
LED lighting exhibition,LED flood light, LED cabinet light, LED Street light,LED Linner light, LED garden light, LED motion sensor, Solar panel, LED solar light.LED fishing light,were showed in the booth 4.1-C27

Digital power is reshaping the lighting industry value chain. In the new era, lighting companies are merging with emerging technologies. From single lighting to universal lighting, the potential of light is gradually being released. At the same time, business models are changing. Enterprises are fighting from single to cross-border cooperation.

In the interview, Wang Fenghui, general manager of Huzhou Jiwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. told reporters: "This year, Jiwei Electronics mainly launched smart home lighting system lamps and solar street lamps, which mainly solved the problem of combining light and solar energy. Compared with the smart home system, the company's smart home system uses a convenient design. After completing a configuration, it does not need to be manually set up again, and automatically configures the lighting environment according to the user's activity. The system will shut itself down after the person leaves."

Engineer Zhou said that “all the control solutions of Jichao Electronics have been customized, that is, specialized customized research and development for different industry needs. Our inverters are in the fitness equipment manufacturing industry (including related machinery control industry), currently at the leading position."