Huzhou Jiwei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. located in north of Zhejiang, near to Shanghai and Hangzhou, covering an area of 6000square meter, 1000square meter research and experimental area. We specialize in production and sale of various LED product.

       JIWEI company is certificated Provincial high-tech enterprise and awarded "national key support of new and high technology enterprises".  And JIWEI invested a lot of manpower and material resources on R&D. On the one side, the laboratory is equipped with complete related test equipment, including EMC testing equipment for electronic and power electronic products, a full set of photoelectric parameters testing equipment for LES light source and LED lamps.  On the other side, the laboratory is equipped with professional testing team. JIWEI brings together a number of professional and technical personnel who engaged in power electronic product design, development, testing for many years. A strong R&D team can ensure the reliability and professional of product researching and development. In order to enlarge our capabilities of R&D, JIWEI carries out the close technical cooperation with the Shanghai university, Zhejiang university, Huazhong science and technology university, Zhejiang university of electronic science and technology and so on well-known colleges and universities scientific research institutes. Through the academic communication, it can open up a broader picture of product technology and market development in the future. 


  On the production system, annual production is 20milliion sets of products now. In the next two years, JIWEI plans to increase twice of productivity on the original basis, and production capacity can reach 60 million units, to ensure customersdemands. All staff have to past a strict professional operation training, to ensure no a leak in the production process. Besides, product inspection is in strict accordance with national standards on each step, from materials to the finished products are based on the control standards.